Meet the Management Team

Bruce Maxwell

Director of Client Services

Photo of Bruce Maxwell

Number of years in fundraising: 24

Greatest Challenge (and accomplishment!): In a rapidly changing environment, I work closely with every client to ensure that every campaign is executed on-time, on budget, ethically and with integrity for the donor, the cause and the client.

Most remarkable moment: Receiving a handwritten thank you card from a 10-year+ client that read “we couldn’t have managed without you. ”

Working Experience in Charity: Prior to ENGAGE Interactive I spent 14 years as a development manager for the National Ballet of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Professional Memberships: Association of Fundraising Professionals, Canadian Marketing Association

Susan Alger

Account Manager

Photo of Susan Alger

Number of years in fundraising: 13

Greatest Challenge (and accomplishment!): One day a long standing client said “you’ve delivered fantastic phone and mail programs for us but now we want social media too”.  With our in-house e-communication team we created an integrated viral program for this charity – their very first — and opened up an entirely new, previously untapped audience for them.  It has been my pleasure to be a part of the continued development of this program year after year.

Most remarkable moment: Any time I get to spend watching my clients in action as they fulfill their mandates.  I leave feeling inspired, motivated and proud to be a small part of the work they do.

Volunteer Contributions to the Charitable Sector:

  • Board of Directors, Treasurer  – Theatre Columbus
  • Board of Directors, President  – Bowmore Road Daycare
  • Red Cross Blood Donor Clinics

Marc Dambrosio

Account Manager

Photo of Marc Dambrosio

Number of years in fundraising: 11

Greatest Challenge (and accomplishment!): My greatest accomplishment has been bringing my clients and fundraising teams together to achieve fundraising goals. No matter what the goal, the process of teamwork and hard work has always brought me great personal satisfaction.

Most remarkable moment:  During my time travelling through Asia I volunteered at an orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  When I returned to Toronto I wanted to help the children there in whatever way I could.  I secured corporate and private donations, including a box of hundreds of pens and other office materials. When the boxes were delivered, the children were thrilled to have a pen to call their own and their caregivers were so grateful to have these materials to help run the orphanage. I’m not sure I could have ever imagined what something as simple as a pen could mean.

Volunteer Contributions to the Charitable Sector:

Canvasser – Second Harvest (where I dress up every year as a turkey)

Climbed the 1,776 steps of the CN tower for charity three times (and lived to tell about it).